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“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”

- John Mark Green


My pleasure and my desires are rooted in sensual and psychological Domination. Whilst I can delight in a sharp gasp at the sting of my crop, or a tight handful of hair or throat, I am not driven by extreme sadism or administering heavy impact. 

My style is authoritative, not authoritarian. 

To me, submission is built from mutual respect and compatible creativities. Your attention to detail, dedication, vulnerability and ability to communicate is what will set you apart, and ignite my Dominant spark. 

I am available for you to worship and serve as I please, and require obedience and enthusiasm. I will reward or punish you as I see fit. 

My expression of kink is eclectic and multi-faceted. Don't mistake my sensuality or femininity for a lack of perversion... 



"If you want an amazing experience, Mistress Lunar is worth getting to know. She is very down to earth and wants nothing but the best for you...when you're not in a session that is. An experience I won't be forgetting any time soon..." 

- Rob 

"Mistress Lunar was everything that I hoped for. She knew and gave me exactly what I wanted. While part of me would love to be her only client, duty requires me to recommend her in the highest regard."

- Max 

I've had the immeasurable pleasure to see Mistress Lunar recently and most importantly, submit and serve her and what a delightful experience it has been. She's extremely sexy, sensual and has made our time together fly. Looking forward to seeing her again soon.

- Rod

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