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My list of services is a guide only. Every session I provide will be collaborative and pre-negotiated in detail. 

All clients/submissives will require vetting prior to their first session.

I am not a full-service sex worker and do not provide intercourse, oral or hand/foot sexual relief; nor will I engage in play with anyone who is disrespectful/aggressive, intoxicated, under the influence of illicit substances, unhygienic or under the age of 21. 

I reserve the right to stop any session if my boundaries are disrespected or I am made to feel unsafe. 


~ Sensual Domination

~ Foot, shoe and Body Worship

~ Bondage and Restraint

~ Cross Dressing and Sissification

~ Humiliation and Degradation

~ Sensation Play

~ Tease and Denial 

~ Slave Training

~ Domestic Servitude

~ Pet Play

~ Age Play (non-sexual)


~ Sensory Deprivation


~ Role Play

~ Trampling

~ Impact Play - Light to Moderate

~ Sploshing

~ Financial Domination

~ Online Domination

~ Selling used and unwanted items

~ Voyeurism (watching you)

~ Chastity

~ Human Furniture

~ Couples

~ Double FemDomme

~ Pegging 


~ Other by request


Please contact me for pricing:

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